Specially Skilled Trainers :
Cub’s Den- The kids studio’s carefully balanced program features a full day of developmentally and age-appropriate programs and activities that each child will enjoy. What makes it stand out is the well-equipped and trained team of Cub’s Den. Our highly skilled trainers expose children to specific activities using sophisticated equipments and techniques providing a unique hands-on training that is totally different to any of the day to day experiences. Trainers at Cub’s Den strive to enhance each child’s core skills whilst improving their confidence and ability to work independently. They acquire the ability to monitor and evaluate child’s performance and preferences. Whether the child is an infant, toddler or older, our trainers will provide lessons and activities that help develop the whole child – physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. Understanding that each child is unique, our trainers philosophy incorporates structured activities, while remaining flexible enough to foster self-discovery that will help each child explore and learn at his or her own pace.
Soft Gym :
Our gym offers a unique physical play and sensory experience for children to enjoy.  The fun-filled, colourful playgym sessions combine challenging soft obstacle courses and sensory equipments. Our professionally developed gym area has been designed to help babies, toddlers and older develop their physical skills and get their bodies moving! Movement in babies and toddlers is crucial to stimulate brain development and encourage the creation of those all-important neural connections in the first few years. Our unique soft gym sessions are on a completely soft matted area which offers the child freedom of movement and helps them build their physical confidence in a safe and fun environment. The gym sessions ensure that child increase their physical skills of locomotion, balance, agility, climbing and coordination. Children will enjoy jumping off blocks, balancing on beams, rolling down slopes, sliding on tummies, crawling through tunnels, climbing in, out, up and over and lots more in completely safe, child friendly, non-toxic soft gym zone.
Teaching Philosophy :
We believe in supportive approach where trainers are facilitators and children are explorers. Children are such curious creatures. From the moment of birth, they are drawn to new things. When they are curious about something new, they feel urge to explore it. And while exploring they discover.Curiosity dimmed is a future denied therefore we take the responsibility of running positive cycle of learning that is fueled by the pleasure that comes from discovery and mastery by doing.This approach provides room for learning while doing resulting in successful outcome as compared to directive approach.Each activity planned at our studio is child-centric where trainer’s role is to provide opportunities to explore through different medium. We deliver endless scope to support the Cycle of Learning where if a child stays curious, he will continue to explore and discover.
It is also necessary that every aspect of a child’s personality, be it cognitive, social, emotional, physical, or spiritual, should be touched or challenged in some way during their journey with us. 
Ambience :
The significant influence of well-designed environment can be observed on child’s development. Our studio is created after understanding the stages of child development and how they relate to the environment that meet the needs of children. The colors, textures, and organization of the space are given importance that gives moments of calmness, happiness and freedom to express. The entire studio is child-friendly, inviting, stimulating, with enough space for children to move freely and control the corners. The studio environment is filled with artifacts that help mediate every student’s social, emotional and physical development when put to proper use. Use of neutral colours in our studio allows children's work and provocations to stand out. ‘Defined Spaces’ approach specifies that children have ample freedom to use space and materials freely to demonstrate their interest. Also the physical, spatial, and temporal zones are organized at times to optimize learning opportunities.
Personal Attention :
Firstly, group sizes are kept small with lower child/staff ratio. Sufficient staff with primary responsibility for children is available to provide frequent personal contact; meaningful learning activities; supervision; and to offer immediate care as needed. We always counsel our clients prior to the commencement of the program to find out exactly what areas they need to work on, what aspects they might find interesting and what their core strengths and weaknesses are. This enables us to tailor the program to suit the individual’s needs ensuring each session is beneficial for child’s growth. We maintain daily record of every little action a child makes or any developmental changes noticed to analyze the child’s progress throughout the program. Our trainers evaluate the child’s development stages in order to deliver the most effective type of training. We make sure the day is both fun and learning and all our activities have been developed age appropriate to ensure active participation of children.