Cub’s Den is a platform for children to expand their boundaries by learning to explore and experiment. It is an entirely novel concept, which aims to cultivate, refine and reinforces a child’s skills. Our approach is based on extensive research shown to promote motor skills (coordinated body movements), cognitive (thinking, problem solving & reasoning power) and intellectual development. This den provides the ideal environment for children to be free to explore and pave their own way of learning through different mediums.

With the burden of an ever-expanding curriculum and the pressure of grades, no kid wants to be left behind but this leaves no time to develop his or her core skills. Cub’s Den is a kid’s studio that offers a perfect adjunct to conventional schooling. We not only encourage development of new skills through age appropriate programs but also give them an extra edge over their peers as they indulge in fun learning activities they choose.

Come and explore the endless possibilities at Cub’s Den that will help your child discover and nurture the star in them. We welcome everyone to join us as we embark on this wonderful journey.