Li'l Yogis
Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline. Yoga for babies, tots and kids is fun, active and yet calming, and subtly infuses a sense of self-worth. It is much more than relaxation and exercise. Child Yoga encourages development and coordination as well as stimulates the digestive and immune systems. Children who have the opportunity to explore movement have greater confidence and ability when it comes to developmental milestones.

Children are natural born yogis - from birth they are flexible and breathe in natural rhythms. Yoga movements help children chart a more direct path of growth and development.  Yoga increases mental and physical coordination, strengthens and tones the legs and hips and gives overall balance and calmness.

Li’l Yogis Program at Cub’s Den- The kids studio isn’t just about exercise; they are a unique holistic approach educating the whole child through yoga to inspire them to be strong, balanced and healthy for life. Children's yoga sessions are fun, creative and noisy and provide a fresh new way to play yoga with children that combines fitness, fun and education. Each unique session combines yoga, meditation and relaxation. Kids’ yoga poses are modified for the children by incorporating bubbles, toys, songs, games and age-appropriate challenges to keep them engaged. Our studio provides a non-competitive environment as an alternative to the performance-driven environment that fosters self-esteem, confidence, co-operation and compassion.

Our kids centric yoga program gives children strength, flexibility and balance of the body, mind and spirit. They experience the joy and vitality of being in a body; connect to their breath; find self-compassion, self-acceptance and confidence; and relaxation. The entire process of performing yoga poses helps kids see their inner radiance and connect to something beyond themselves. Li’l Yogis program is designed age-appropriate to facilitate fun with yoga, in a playful manner. Empower your child through yoga and watch them shine!
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