Advisory Board
Cub’s Den has initiated a novel concept in early childhood learning. They are providing children with an opportunity to expand their horizons at a critical phase of their lives. This crucial step, that enhances the capability to develop skills early in life, fills a huge void in our current approach and has been long due. I have reviewed their evidence-based curriculum that is meticulously prepared to serve as a perfect supplement to conventional education. I would recommend this to every parent for his or her child. Children can be molded at this early age and their brains are able to grasp much more information than what we can imagine. We all know that the foundation is the most important part of the tallest of towers. Similarly, early childhood learning and skills development serve as the measure of success later in life. I urge you to give your child this unique opportunity and fully support the incredible initiative that the Cub's Den team has taken.
Riddhi Shukla, MD, MPH
US Board Certified Pediatrics
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Cub’s Den, the kids studio, to all parents. Their enthusiasm towards the promotion of early childhood learning and skill development is commendable. Having reviewed their curriculum I can say that this has been developed keeping in mind current knowledge of early childhood behavior and learning patterns. They have not only put together a great program but have also made sure that it is enjoyable for the kids and gives them a break from school. They have gathered the best teaching materials from around the world to bring forth a truly unique learning experience that may be the only one of its kind available to a fortunate few. I strongly advocate participation in this learning experience.
Simit Doshi, MD, MPH
Internal Medicine