Research Based Learning
It is recognized that the early years of life are the most important for learning. The foundation for future is laid and the brain develops in a healthy way through positive experiences. The term ‘early years’ describes the critical period from birth to eight years. Children grow and learn at a phenomenal rate.The important thing is to provide real opportunities for children to learn, develop and have fun during these years through play.

Early childhood is a crucial stage of life in terms of a child's physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Growth of mental and physical abilities progress at an astounding rate and a very high proportion of learning takes place during this phase. It is a time when children particularly need high quality personal care and learning experiences.

Our programs are based on extensive research that offers comprehensive resources to help early childhood development and build exceptional high-quality learning. Experts suggest that play is very important in the learning and emotional development of all children. Our play centric programs are multi-faceted encouraging a learning environment that stimulates and nurtures children's growth and development. Play helps children learn relationship and social skills, and develop values and ethics. Researchers emphasizes that play should always be considered an essential part of a child’s early education.

Our unique learning atmosphere incorporates a careful blend of Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf and High scope learning approach through trainer-directed activities and structured play. This multi-faceted approach ensures that each child's learning experience at Cub’s Den will be nurtured at the proper pace and level, and will provide them with the resilient foundation for a bright future.