Child Centric Learning
The play-centric program lays an opportunity for children to choose activities based on their current interests. Physically active play allows children to test and develop all types of motor skills. It promotes significant health and wellbeing benefits.

Cub’s Den believes that play is a natural world for a child that promotes various modes of diverse learning styles. Each child is unique and has different preferences when it comes to play. Cub’s Den offers an ideal structure that is combination of pleasurable-play, symbolic-play, active-play, voluntary-play, and process oriented-play for Three-Dimensional learning i.e. Physical, Cognitive and Socio-emotional. Our programs are a happy-mix of trainer-directed as well as children-discovery approach.

Our programs seek to foster the child’s urge to enjoy free play and have fun in our learning environment with new things to observe and use for creativity. Our Play-Centered program is an attitude, a philosophy and a way of being for children.