FAQ’s related to Mother Toddler Program
How old can my child be, before they can attend?
You can attend a Mother-Toddler Program with a toddler between the age group of 8-18 months. 
The earlier you attend, the more likely you and your baby are to establish long term friendships with each other and peer group, you are able to share the expertise of other parents and gain maximum out of the activities.
What does it offer my child?
Our MTP program is sure to cover a range of the activities that help child develop schooling readiness skills and provide some of the firm foundations that a toddler need.
We emphasize on Three-Dimensional learning
Physical Increased physical strength and muscle control, fine and gross motor skill development, coordination, balance
Cognitive Spatial and perceptual awareness, introduction to colors, language development and self-expression, knowledge of numbers and letters, initial problem solving
Socio-emotional Developing independence and feeling comfortable, early socialization, sharing and taking turns, accepting new environments, following directions and cooperating
How can a child benefit from this program?
  • Children get to interact with other children, while their mothers are close by: this helps to build the child’s confidence and social skills.
  • Children develop problem solving and logical reasoning skills through table top activities - puzzles, simple games, books to share.
  • Mother Toddler Program is a great stepping stone in preparing children for playgroup / pre-school.
  • Children get opportunities to try hands on activities, which may not be available at home, such as messy play, creative play, songs and soft gym- A carpeted area for the babies with activity frames, cushions and baby toys.
How can parents benefit from this program?
  • Mother-Toddler program will provide mothers an opportunity to play with their child, giving them their undivided attention, away from the distractions of home.
  • They can also provide the basis for lifelong friendships, which is especially helpful to mothers who live in nuclear families and do not have family support close by.
  • Mother can get guidelines about the developmental milestones of their babies at each stage of growth.
  • Mother’s get an opportunity to be partner and discover their baby’s like and dislikes, interests, touch and feel experiences through activities.
  • Also at times during the class they can witness baby’s first step or first word.
  • Great way to meet other mothers in the locality and to share experience and build social contacts.Therefore, our studio provides a great support network.
In what ways do you encourage the mothers in the process?
Cub’s Den believes it is extremely important to provide information and resources that supports mothers involvement in their child’s learning experience. Therefore, every month, we arrange informative and interactive parents workshop that guide mothers in taking an active role in their child’s growth and development. These workshops are conducted by the experts from varied field to help mothers understand their child efficiently.
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